Disney Interactive and Mindsai Productions hired me to design, illustrate, and animate the Monster Sound interactive foley soundstage as part of the Walt Disney World Explorer CD we were building.

GAME: Disney Sound

The game introduced families to the magic of early movie sound effects by showcasing clips from the Disney Archive that heavily feature foley: Steamboat Willie, Robin Hood, Snow White, and Shaggy Dog.

Users could then interact with animations of real-life foley equipment to trigger footsteps, door and drawer slams, splashes, bangs, creaks, and thumps — just like Disney artists used to do!

Finally, users could play back the four archive clips and Record their own foley track in real time.

Marquis lights flash and cycle and the Q+A panels and buttons spring up for each question. The hats and propellers rise up and spin on each player to indicate their turn. And the alarm clock host counts down, applauds enthusiastically for correct answers, gives a ‘thumbs down’ for wrong answers, and vibrates wildly when the time alarm rings.

The illustration style was to be playful, colorful and dimensional, but still hand-made and painterly. All in a 256 color palette.

Enjoy another game I created for Disney Interactive.

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