Scholastic New Media and Mindsai Productions brought me aboard as Game Designer, Lead Artist, and UI + UX Designer to create Huggly’s Sleepover, a richly artistic and incredibly thoughtful children’s educational game based on characters, scenes, and a narrative by renowned children’s author Tedd Arnold.


As Art Director I conceived and created all of the navigation and interactivity, the ink + color + texture art rendering techniques, the sprite animation production process, as well as much of the game design.

On a personal note, when I was working on this title I distinctly remember thinking how proud I was of it, and that I hoped some day if I had kids that they would enjoy it, too. A decade later I dusted off my old Mac 8600, fired up the Classic OS, and sat my two toddlers down to see what daddy had made when he was younger. A truly special afternoon.

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