In 2008 I re-envisioned Shepard Fairey‘s iconic HOPE poster (with his expressed permission) as the cornerstone graphic for a massive community bake sale fundraiser. With it I created a website, email and social media campaign, print fliers, table tents, and one large hand-painted sign (see time-lapse video at bottom).


A huge success: we deeply engaged our community, modeled citizenship for our kids and raised a ton of money.

But the best compliment was that my graphics inspired four other fundraisers who used Obama YUM to raise more money. And of course Obama went on to win in 2008.

ILLUSTRATION Obama Yum tent diagram

Four years later Obama YUM helped rally another epic fundraiser, including copycat bake sales across town. All together we raised an extraordinary $35,000. And a 2nd term ; )

Bonus track: The euphoria leading up to Obama’s first election inspired a lot of creative shenanigans in the name of grassroots campaigning.

Late-night pizza delivery may have played a role as well.