The Polarity Map has been the cornerstone visual metaphor of Polarity Management consulting for three decades.

When I was brought aboard as Creative Director I created their first comprehensive style guide and cohesive identity package, with which I rebuilt every map and supplemental graphic in their massive and eclectic library.

IDENTITY PMA map whole

IDENTITY PMA map palette 710

With literally hundreds of maps and thousands of combinations of arrows and other graphic overlays, it was an extraordinarily tedious undertaking.

But the results raised the bar for Polarity Management and armed their growing network of consultants with a world-class marketing and media library.

IDENTITY PMA map full V 710
IDENTITY PMA map full H 710
IDENTITY PMA map arrows wide AI 710

Polarity Management Assessment Process (PMAP) Software

It also paved the way for all the myriad map-based graphics which feature heavily in the PMAP software.

MAP PMA capture 16