Nice things people have said about me and my work

Mary Beth Kirchner
Managing Producer
BURN: An Energy Journal

“Our project started as a public radio/audio series and was visually birthed in Luke’s hands — from creating a beautiful logo to transforming the look of our entire digital presence. He deeply understood the essence of our goals and translated those to a spectacular web design — with tireless attention to every detail and client service that was endlessly gracious and thoughtful. Truly exceptional!”

Phil Shuman
Shuman Communications LLC

“I’ve worked with many graphic designers over more decades than I care to count. Luke is one of the most talented … when it comes to collaborative style and responsiveness. The end result of his work on our BURN: An Energy Journal initiative was world class. I look forward to working with him again at my earliest opportunity.”

Arny Pollack
Dice Media

“For over 6 years I’ve had the pleasure of working with Luke on many projects. Luke has the most incredible ability to explain things just shy of doing it himself which makes understanding what he wants super clear, and hardly ever warrants a follow up for clarification. Luke’s communication kung fu mixed with his amazing artwork and design skills makes him incredibly fun yet professional to work with. I know that anyone who connects with Luke on a project will consider himself in the presence of project awesomeness.”

Michael Szabo
Multimedia Developer
Walt Disney Imagineering
and Fuel Design

“Luke is a true master craftsman among digital designers. No one … exhibited such skill or cared as deeply about every facet of his creations … attention to detail … he understands how his work is integrated into the final product.”

Myra Klarman + Rich Klarman
Information Architects,
Web Designers + Developers
Studio Mobius

“We love working with Luke. He’s amazingly talented and always elevates the caliber of any project he’s involved with. We have yet to discover a creative task he can’t master. He’s that good.”

Phil Wilson
Graphic + Interactive Designer
Phil Wilson Design, Inc.

“… the most naturally talented person I know. And I am totally not just blowing smoke up your ass.”

Jeff Strope
Technology Director
Robert Taylor Associates

“Luke has an excellent eye for design and a sharp attention to pixel-perfect detail. His excitement and commitment are contagious and working with him is a pleasure.

Sabine d’Herbécourt
Founder + Owner

“Working with Luke is creatively uplifting and rewarding. Luke explores a wide range of design possibilities so as to best express the content of your business with a unique eye catching visual.”

Bonnie Wesorick
Elsevier / CPMRC

“I have had the privilege of working with Luke on an extremely innovative, complex and important technology tool design for over a year. There is much to be said about his “out of the box thinking” and creativity … I so valued his ability to listen, partner, his strong work ethics, attention to detail, and servant leadership. His integrity and diverse talents will be an asset wherever Luke chooses to take them.”

Barry Johnson
Founder + President
Polarity Management Associates

”… repeatedly suggested and designed features we hadn’t imagined. The results were beyond our initial thoughts and hopes. … clients give consistent praise for its ease of use … richness … thoroughness with which it has been thought through … great ability to bridge the world of fine art and computer technology … very responsive and will always go the extra mile … If you want it done right and beautifully, ask Luke to do it.”

David Perkins
CEO + Creative Director
David Perkins + Associate
and Stone River Software

“Of the 30+ associates who have worked [for] me … Luke was easily the one I miss the most … remarkable creativity, enthusiasm, willingness to do 110% … significantly contributed to our company’s success and its collective spirit. I guarantee he will be a treasured asset wherever he goes. Luke, please come back!”

Margaret Seidler
Master Trainer, Speaker + Author
Power Surge

“His mix of technical skills and creative thinking gives him a unique capacity to shape designs … I watched and admired Luke as he navigated complex situations with key clients. An impressive man …”

Daniel Potter
Senior Producer
Addictive Media

“I had the great pleasure of working with Luke on a large-scale interactive CD-ROM for Mattel Media. Luke embodies a rare combination of skills: a thorough knowledge of … art; a rare … expertise with digital creation and production tools … excellent knowledge of typographic subtleties; organization skills … communication smarts … articulate and insightful team member … think on his feet … skilled at contributing to design meetings … brainstorming sessions … preparing bids … or carrying out detailed and timely storyboarding.

His Photoshop skills are remarkable; … excellent interfaces, buttons, and animations … that warranted special mention in Mattel’s art reviews. … excellent, complex work in Premiere, Debabelizer, AfterEffects, … a rare feat … hit the ground running, quickly coming up to speed on our programming environment and media delivery requirements. He worked well in the team … many extra hours … very literate writing … earned him an additional credit on the title.

I would recommend Luke for positions that demand highly aesthetic, creative results. He is a warm, cooperative, engaging … and consistently surprises with the depth of his art and skills.”

Jud Meyers
Independent Filmmaker
FoolsRushIn Productions

“… highest recommendation … Luke was our saving grace … wealth of ideas, designs, drawings and computer rendered graphics. it was a pleasure … refreshing to see someone who truly enjoys what he does, works long and hard hours … asking, ‘What else can I do?’ … nothing short of shocking … lucky to have him … proud and grateful that Luke’s art and design are a part of [our film].”