Beyond software and website development, one of my key jobs as Creative Director for Polarity Management was designing the identity and implementing it across many formats.

BOOK: PMA polarity management

I helped several authors publish books based on the proprietary principles of Polarity Management, each requiring tight integration of the cornerstone Polarity Map graphic and its many variations, as well as dozens of supporting infographics.

BOOK: PMA Oswald bookstore 01

I collaborated closely with the in-house design teams of multiple publisher to ensure consistent use of my proprietary Polarity graphics, line art and color, as well as trademarks, copyrights, and industry-specific terminology.

BOOK: PMA Oswald 01
BOOK: PMA Oswald 08
BOOK: PMA Oswald 10
BOOK: PMA Oswald 11
BOOK: PMA Oswald 09
BOOK: PMA Oswald 12

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